Bullzip PDF Printer

Bullzip PDF Printer 10.1

This tool allows you to create PDF or image files from any printable documents
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Bullzip PDF Printer is a program that installs a virtual printer on your system for you to create PDF documents from practically any MS Windows application. However, with this tool you can also create image files in BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and other formats. The program offers you a full range of configurable parameters that you can tweak to get more accurate results according to your needs.

The program offers you a tabbed interface where you can configure all the available parameters. You can open this window independently to set your default values, though every time you "print" a document using Bullzip PDF Printer, this window will open to allow you to make last-minute changes. The available tabs are General, Dialogs, Document, Image, Watermark, Merge, and Security.

One of the most important features of this program is that you can configure the output file properties (its author, title, subject, and keywords), the horizontal and vertical resolution, the PDF quality, its initial zoom level, as well as to set the owner and user passwords to secure your document and control access to it. There are also some more advanced parameters you can set, such as the text and graphics alpha bits, and the encryption key length. Besides, you can add textual stamps or watermarks to your output document, indicating the position, font, color and size.

Finally, I will mention that Bullzip PDF Printer offers additional editing features for your document processing tasks. For example, you can merge your output file with an existing PDF document, appending it either at the bottom or at the top of it. You can even superimpose two documents – for optimal results, it is recommended to check that the sizes of both documents match.

As you can see, Bullzip PDF Printer is a free yet powerful tool that allows you to get professional PDF documents or image files from virtually any Windows app that allows you to send print jobs. The program provides very good document generation speeds and high-quality results.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Allows you to create image files, besides PDF docs.
  • You can set your default values before "printing" documents.
  • Allows you to create secure PDF files.
  • Allows you to add textual stamps or watermarks to your documents.
  • You can use it to merge the output file with an existing PDF document.
  • Allows you to superimpose two documents


  • None
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