Bullzip PDF Printer

Bullzip PDF Printer

Create PDF document from any Windows program
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Working as Microsoft Windows printer it allows printing to PDF from almost any Windows program. Features document password protecting, properties setting, as well as text watermarking, sizing, rotating and more.

Bullzip PDF Printer allows you to create a PDF document from virtually any printable file, thanks to the installation of a virtual printer on your Windows system. Whether you want to convert an image file, a spreadsheet, a presentation, a text file or a web page into a PDF document, all you have to do is to print it using the installed "Bullzip PDF Printer". You will get your high-quality PDF file in seconds. A feature that makes this tool stand out from other PDF printers is that it supports other output formats besides PDF, like BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, DOC and TXT. In other words, this tool can well be used as a document and even as an image converter.

The program allows you to configure multiple aspects about your output PDF file, including its metadata (author, title, subject and keywords), quality, initial zoom level, PDF version and the document's security which, in turn, allows you to set the owner and user passwords, and protect your document using 128-bit or 256-bit AES technology (depending on the selected PDF version). If, on the other hand, you select one of the image output formats, you can set the horizontal and vertical resolution and whether to generate one image file per source page, among other parameters. Besides, for all the supported output formats you can add text watermarks of a configurable font, size, color, rotation angle, position and layer (background or foreground). Unfortunately, image watermarks are not supported by this tool.

Another very interesting feature of Bullzip PDF Printer is that it can be used to merge your resulting PDF file with a previously existing one, either at the top or the bottom of it. Also, you can use a preexisting PDF document as a background file to superimpose over it the contents of your new one, which can be very useful for tasks like quick forms filling. Finally, the program also offers you a general configuration window that you can use to set options like a digital signature, command lines to be automatically executed on certain events, default values for the output file name/location, format and metadata information, and you can even provide login information for automatically uploading your generated files using the FTP, SFTP, HTTP or HTTPS protocols.

In conclusion, Bullzip PDF Printer offers a very comprehensive set of tools to generate customized PDF documents from your printable files. The program is easy to use and surely covers the needs of the vast majority of Windows users. It's worth mentioning that this program automatically downloads and installs several complementary components it requires to work, namely GPL Ghostscript, Xpdf and PDF Power Tool.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Creates PDF documents and images from any printable file
  • Creates encrypted and password-protected PDF files
  • Add customized text watermarks to your output documents
  • Merges 2 PDF documents
  • Use an existing PDF file as background
  • Supports the use of digital signatures
  • Uploads your generated files to remote servers through various protocols


  • Doesn't add image watermarks to your output documents
  • Downloads and installs some extra components automatically
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